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German (Lesson 6) Weather - 1 hour (Y4/5) Learning outcomes: Recognise weather phrases from memory Be able to ask and answer the question ‘Wie ist das Wetter heute?’ Teaching and learning activities: 10 mins: Introduce 8 weather phrases using flashcards—children listen/ repeat. Also introduce the question ‘Wie ist das Wetter heute?’ Ask the question to children whilst holding up a flashcard. E.g. Teacher: (Holds up random FC) Wie ist das Wetter heute?’ Pupil: (responds appropriately) Es (ist)... 15 mins: Children complete weather vocab sheets, copying from A3 sheets or IWB. 15 mins: Children complete weather phrases drawing sheet—fill in blanks with correct word and draw an appropriate picture in the box provided. Give out instruction sheets (or have them up on IWB) 10 mins: ‘Pick a card’ game. Place all FCs face down and fan out like a deck of cards. Go round the class to individual children and ask them to pick any card. Then ask the question ‘Wie ist das Wetter heute?’ Children respond with the phrase relevant to
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