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German (Lesson 7) Weather - 1 hour (Y4/5) Learning outcomes: Consolidate weather topic—gain confidence in recognising and saying weather phrases Work in groups co-operatively Teaching and learning activities: 10 mins: Recap weather vocab from previous week. Ask the question ‘Wie ist das Wetter heute?’ eliciting individual responses, relevant to a particular picture FC. 5 mins: ‘Pick a card’ game. Place all FCs face down and fan out like a deck of cards. Go round the class to individual children and ask them to pick any card. Then ask the question ‘Wie ist das Wetter heute?’ Children respond with the phrase relevant to the FC they picked up. 10 mins: Children complete weather phrases drawing sheet from previous week, ensuring that pictures are coloured and sheets attached in the book. 20 mins: Children either produce a wordsearch of German words, or
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Unformatted text preview: an A4 Poster on the topic of weather. (This could be used for display work). 5 mins: Form a circle. Throw koosh ball to a pupil, holding up a weather phrase FC. Child translates the phrase aloud into German and throws the ball to another person in the circle. 10 mins: Children get into groups. Each group chooses a weather phrase to act out. They have 5 minutes preparation time to make up their play, which must not contain any words in either English or German. Children will then be asked to perform their plays to the class. Other pupils must guess, in German, which weather phrase was acted out once the performance is complete. Vocabulary: Es ist… hei β warm sonnig kalt windig Es… schneit regnet donnert und blitzt Wie ist das Wetter heute? Resources: Weather flashcards Weather drawing activity Koosh balls...
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