German_lesson8_intro - German(Lesson 8 Introducing oneself 1 hour(Y4/5 Learning outcomes Children become able to ask and answer the question `Wie

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German (Lesson 8) Introducing oneself - 1 hour (Y4/5) Learning outcomes: Children become able to ask and answer the question ‘Wie hei β t du?’ Become able to instigate and respond to dialogue, using vocabulary from this topic and previous topics Teaching and learning activities: 10 mins: Quickly recap previous weeks’ work. Re-visit weather, colours, numbers topics and place greater emphasis on remembering greetings and goodbyes (as they will be needed in this lesson). 5 mins: Introduce new topic—introducing oneself. Teacher says ‘Ich hei β e X’. Point to individuals and ask the question ‘Wie hei β t du?’ eliciting individual responses. Repeat ‘Ich hei β e X each time to reinforce the model. 5 mins: Children complete vocab sheet, copying words from IWB or A3 sheets. 10 mins: Form a circle. Hold koosh ball, saying ‘Ich hei β e X’. Pass koosh ball to a pupil who continues the model, passing the ball around the circle until everyone has introduced themselves. Then alternate between
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