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German (Lesson 9) German Culture - 2 hours 15 mins (Y4/5) Learning outcomes: Children become more aware of customs and traditions associated with Germany Develop a wider knowledge and understanding of Germany as a country Teaching and learning activities: 5 mins: Review last week’s topic and outline today’s lesson. 30 mins: ICT Suite. Children in pairs at computers. Try to find out information about Germany: capital city, neighbouring countries, which countries speak German, population, the continent which it is on, the climate, any famous Germans. If finished could attempt to find out anything about the Berlin Wall—what it was, when it was put up, when it was taken down, etc. Use and to find info. Write down all information learned in preparation for class discussion about findings. 20 mins: Ask questions relating to the research just completed, eliciting responses from pairs. Use the file Germany.xbk and view slide show, detailing answers
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