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GERMAN Unit 1 Medium Term Planning ABOUT THE UNIT In this unit children learn to introduce themselves and greet others and develop vocabulary in other areas. They begin to develop an understanding of sounds and spellings and speak the language with some confidence in both individual and group work. LINKS WITH OTHER CURRICULUM AREAS Links with: Literacy—emphasis on written English. Numeracy—recognition of numbers (some addition later on). Art—some emphasis on creative development—weather topic in particular requires drawing and colouring. PSCHE—comparisons drawn with British culture: language, dress, food, etc. Also links with Geography and Music. WHAT THE UNIT COVERS Numbers 0-12 Answering the register Greeting and saying goodbye Introducing oneself Asking how someone is Colours Animals Weather Culture (end of term) RESOURCES Worksheets and flashcards relating to topics (see ST plans) Interactive whiteboard (+ relevant websites) Koosh balls Bean bags, etc. for group activities Reward stickers PRIOR LEARNING It would be helpful if, prior to studying these topics, children understand: The structure and spellings of English words Numbers to 12 in English The concept of answering the register Simple colours, animals and weather in English The concept of introducing oneself in an everyday situation Some aspects of non-German culture (not necessarily British) Year 2/3 EXPECTATIONS Most children will use simple oral German to meet and greet others; be able to: respond appropriately when register is called; understand and recognise numbers to 12 (written and oral) ; understand and recognise basic colours; understand and recognise some animals; respond appropriately when asked how the weather is Some children recognise numbers to 12; identify nouns without will have made indefinite article; struggle to take the lead in a role play less progress scenario—may respond to partner’s lead
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german_unit1 - GERMAN Unit 1 Medium Term Planning ABOUT THE...

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