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DQ 2 Wk 5 - What are some possible consequences of...

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What are some possible consequences of incorrectly labeling our emotional feelings? Is this possible? If so, how could it happen? If not, why not? Some possible consequences are that these incorrect labels may become a part of my normal thinking and cause me to believe that I am what I say I am. In illustration, if i label my feelings of shame as embarrassment, I may come to believe that deep down inside, something is wrong with me. Or perhaps, if I label my feelings of love as lust, I will never actualize a truly rewarding experience out of fear that it is superficial. We feel a sensation (from, say, our skin) which travels to our brain. That part of us that is aware (our mind) labels the sensation as a particular feeling, let's say "an itch." So we scratch it, making our feeling public. When we display a feeling to others, it's called an "emotion" (from the two Latin words, "moving out"). Our minds do other things. Important is what they do with events...things that happen to us or that we become aware of (like listening to the TV news). In all such cases, our mind gives a
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