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Stress results when life demands strain-coping resources either because the demand is too great or the resources are inadequate . Stress endangers a person’s well-being and shows up as negative feelings, physiological arousal, psychophysiological disorders, illness, or maladaptive behaviors. For example, a person can feel depressed, have trouble sleeping, develop headaches, catch a cold, and drink too much alcohol trying to alleviate negative feel There are two categories of stress. The first category, acute or temporary stress it is also known as the flight or fight response. What is acute stress? It’s when your brain produces chemicals that tell your body to speed up, making it perform more effectively. This is the type of stress you’ll experience when another car pulls out in front of you causing you to hit your brakes suddenly. A negative stress like this is also known as distress. It is the most commonly-referred to type of
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