Turnitin_Originality_Report_223278295 Motivation and The Brain

Turnitin_Originality_Report_223278295 Motivation and The Brain

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Similarity Index 2% What's this? Similarity by Source Internet Sources: 2% Publications: 0% Student Papers: N/A exclude quoted exclude bibliography exclude small matches download print mode: show highest matches together show matches one at a time quickview (classic) report 1% match (Internet from 3/25/11) http://stokercg2913.blogspot.com/2009_05_01_archive.html 1% match (Internet) http://www.lanterngroup.com/motivebrain.pdf 1% match (Internet from 6/29/10) http://www.silventarphotography.com/psych/articles/Motivation_and_the_brain_in_refraining_from_drug _use.pdf Running head: MOTIVATION AND THE BRAIN 1 Motivation and The Brain Malisha Mishoe PSY 355 January 9, 2012 Dr. Peters Motivation and The Brain Motivation and the Brain Any motion a person chooses or decides to make is connected to the mental synthesis and performance of the brain. Because of the complexity of information transferring and sharing, organ excitement and activation, memory storage, and neural networking of stimulating elements, the brain is a very big source of power for individual behavior surpassing all the other parts in the body. Psychology concentrates on why and how a person behaves the way one does. Precisely what inspires them to behave in this way has also been a focus of study. Among the many subjects that can be placed with individual behavior and inspiration are drug habit and how a person might choose not to become part of that experience. External and internal factors also perform a part in one’s behavior and inspiration to stay away from using drugs. “External rewards and reward pathways in the brain affect motivation and behavior, especially in addiction. Incentives of all types have been shown to affect motivation. For humans, intrinsic motivation that is internally generated differs from extrinsic motivation that is imposed by external sources (Motivation, 2004).” Two external and internal factors which have a hand in determination factors include genetics and environmental effects. These effects will vary with each one. One’s character will stick to these influencing factors reacting in a variety of ways. For example, a person who may be known as a perfectionist would stay away from drug use to keep their perfect job or standing. However, a person who does not seem to be concerned with what other people think or might have a
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Turnitin_Originality_Report_223278295 Motivation and The Brain

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