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DQ 1 Wk 3 - week So for good behavior in school her...

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What are incentives? What are two examples of incentives? How do these incentives work as sources of arousal? Incentives are positive enforcements that are offered to help in the decision making process. Incentives are offered to encourage a person to act. Some incentives make people better off and reward them for their actions. Other incentives penalize people for their actions. These are incentives that I use with my daughter: 1. At the beginning of each week, I allow my daughter to pick one thing she wants to do for that following weekend, the only way she gets to do it is if she stays on green during that
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Unformatted text preview: week. So for good behavior in school her incentive is to do what she picked at the beginning of the week, i.e. skating, bowling, movies, etc. 2. Another incentive I use with my daughter is chores. For the chores that she completes without constant reminder she earns a certain amount of money for each chore. Incentives work as a source of arousal because they fulfill a void in a person’s life and help to generate a reaction that with hope will create a positive environment for everyone....
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