DQ 1 and 2 Wk 4 - Week 4 DQs DQ 1 What factors influence...

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DQ 1 What factors influence language acquisition? Which aspect do you believe has the biggest influence on language acquisition? Explain why. We all are taught the same method rising up to repeat the language that we hear. The language that is initiated to us at birth is usually the speech our brain learns. This goes for any newborn. If a baby is born in French speaking family and taken by a family in America, that child will not speak French because he or she was raised in a English speaking home. It also goes for families of dissimilar tradition. An infant is able to study and adapt rapidly so if you have two parents in the family that speak different languages, the child be bi-lingual growing up. Working at the University there is a diverse group of people that I work with. Those born in Africa, India, Mexico, Russia, etc., most of these individuals first language is not English, but they were determined to come to America so there parents made sure they understood our language during grade school. I believe talking in proper language is the largest influence on language understanding.
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DQ 1 and 2 Wk 4 - Week 4 DQs DQ 1 What factors influence...

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