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DQ 2 Wk 2 - just as dangerous Even though the person...

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Is attention a limited resource? Why or why not? I do believe that attention is a limited resource, because we can only truly focus on a limited set of material at a time. Then for every new set of data or information we increase in our minds and are subjected to concentrate on synchronously, our attention to each item is noticeably diminished. For example, we all know that talking on the telephone or texting on the phone while driving is dangerous, but changing the radio station or looking for something in the seat, floor, dash, etc. is
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Unformatted text preview: just as dangerous. Even though; the person driving can accomplish the rudimentary driving skills essential to make it to their destination. The driver's attention is subdued by the phone conversation, the texting, the radio, the missing item, etc. and their defensive mechanism’s will be delayed due to the lack of attention that the driver has from being preoccupied....
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