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Why is cognitive functioning crucial to everyday existence? How does cognitive functioning enhance diversity? When thinking about this question I was reminded of the growth and development of cognitive thinking in children which was proposed by Jean Piaget (1896-1980).   Piaget was originally fascinated in how a child’s biology swayed the growth of the cognitive processes, grounded on the idea of maturation, but he was also fascinated in epistemology (the study of knowledge). Being the great man that he was, he combined them two together, Piaget maintained that biology effects how children gain and organize their understanding of the world. Without cognitive functioning we begin to lose our critical thinking skills, our problem solving understanding, we can become lethargic and unable to begin our daily tasks, it would be hard to stay focus, lose our memory and ultimately forget how to engage in the basic behaviors that we
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Unformatted text preview: have come to know. Cognitive functioning, in particular higher level functioning is what separates man from the animals and allows us to be the great thinkers that we have become. The way we process information varies from each. This means that we are detached by how we understand and use the information that we understood. It is because of this cognitive function that we are able to be as diverse of a nation that we are. While I love me a lot, I dont want to talk to me all the time. Its the different perspectives and out looks on life that allows us to strive to be psychologists. Mcleod, S. A. (2009). Simply Psychology; Piaget | Cognitive Stages of Development. Retrieved 27 January 2012, from http://www.simplypsychology.org/piaget.html...
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