Displacement - Day Ling Lee ARTH1400 World Art 2 Spring...

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Day Ling Lee ARTH1400 World Art 2 Spring 2011 Professor Deborah J. Haynes T.A Nicole Displacement What’s art? We were asked to answer that from lecture earlier, and I answer, “Art is the image that reflect each person's inside world. Everyone has their secret garden, people don't usually just show or tell their secret to you straightening, but by art you can explore the inside of their world. Another say is a way that execute precisely of a abstract thinking conception into visual works form by the artist to the third person”. Therefore there’s many and many of art over the whole world, also time by time they (arts) stay and got pass on. By now there are billion, trillion, quadrillion and way beyond of art exist. But out of all of those art I choose “What Makes A Man / Self” 1990 by Edgar Heap of Birds (Hock E Aye Vi) from the Denver museum, and “Skyscape” 2010 by Joo Yeon Woo from the CU Art museum. The two works of art constitute a good comparison because the essay goal is let us have an opportunity to make a cross-cultural comparison, Edgar Heap of Birds (Hock E Aye Vi) a American Indians artist, Joo Yeon Woo a Korean artist. They both received M.F.A. from Pennsylvania. Both displacement, Edgar Heap of Birds exhibited his works at museum all over the world and has served as visiting lecturer all over the world, too. Joo Yeon Woo as an immigrant from Korea to the couple place in U.S.A. “What Makes A Man / Self” 90” x 120” is a large piece of work that is compose by fifteen piece of paper 5(row) x 3(column), each part has writing on it, no image. One of Edgar
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Heap of Birds’s style is large-scale drawing, “What Makes A Man / Self” is one of them. Everyone’s first impression is colorful then words. Because the words itself is colorful; each
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Displacement - Day Ling Lee ARTH1400 World Art 2 Spring...

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