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syll11 - AAE 514 Intermediate Aerodynamics Spring 2011...

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AAE 514 Intermediate Aerodynamics Spring 2011 Instructor : A. Lyrintzis, 494-5142, ARMS 3321, O-H 3-4pm MWF, [email protected] Teaching Assistant: Matt Kube-McDowell, O-H tba, [email protected] Introduction: This course is designed to give the student exposure to a wide variety of aerodynamic problems and issues. It could be the first course in the area for a graduate student or an advanced course for an undergraduate. This course stresses fundamental ideas and concepts. It will be helpful for everybody interested in aerodynamics: the CFD user, the experimentalist, the practicing engineer. Text: No text required. Typed lecture notes will be available on the course web site. References on Reserve: 1. Abbott, I. H., and von Doenhoff, A. E., Theory of Wing Sections , Dover, 1959. 2. Anderson, J. D. Modern Compressible Flow , McGraw Hill, 3rd ed. 2003. 3. Currie, I. G. Fundamental Mechanics of Fluids , Taylor and Francis, 3 rd ed. 2003. 4. Katz J. and Plotkin A. Low-Speed Aerodynamics , Cambridge University Press, 2nd ed.
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