Assume that this will be used and deployed in remote

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Unformatted text preview: Assume that this will be used and deployed in remote locations but will need to be connected to a PC to download stored data. b) Your design should have three modes - data logging mode, data display mode, data transfer mode. c) Data log should include the current temperature and the current time (HH:MM:SS) and should be stored using the microcontroller non-volatile memory. This would mean that the data should still be present even after the power is shutdown. d) When the node is powered up, your display should notify the user that it is in data logging mode. Logging should then continue from the last saved data. e) When storing data, the red LED should blink for at least half a second and should stay on when the memory is full. f) Data should be saved every 10 seconds. Your design should be able to store 12 hours worth of data. g) Pressing button A can interrupt logging mode. After button A is pressed, display a message 1 asking if the user would like to end logging mode. Set the inputs and outputs so that when ‘1’ is pressed, logging mode is continued, when ‘2’ is pressed, logging mode is aborted and display mode is a...
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