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Unformatted text preview: CoE 115 (Microprocessor-based Design) Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute University of the Philippines – Diliman Machine Problem 4: ADC/I2C/UART Interfacing Objective: Learn to interface the ADC, I2C and UART of the Z8 microcontroller. Build a temperature data logger node. Hardware Components: 1. 2. 3. 4. Machine Problem 3 capable board LM35 - Temperature Sensor T092 DS1307 - 64 x8 serial I2C Real Time Clock 3 LEDs (LED1 -Red, LED2 -Yellow, LED3 -Green) -Default: All LEDs are off. Project Milestones: Refer to Table 1 for the project milestones with corresponding points. # 1 2 3 5 Milestone Display temperature using LCD Display temperature and save with current time using Flash Enable communication to a PC Download time and temperature readings from Flash to PC Table 1: Project Milestones Points 35 50* 75 100 Project Schedule: Activity Dates MP4 Release March 7 Preliminary Checking March 11 Final Checking + MP3 Release March 18 Table 2: Project Schedule General Specifications: a) The idea is to build a standalone temperature data logger. Assume that this will be used and deployed in remote locations but will need to be connected to a PC to download stored data. b) Your design should have three modes - data logging mode, data display mode, data transfer mode. c) Data log should include the current temperature and the current time (HH:MM:SS) and should be stored using the microcontroller non-volatile memory. This would mean that the data should still be present even after the power is shutdown. d) When the node is powered up, your display should notify the user that it is in data logging mode. Logging should then continue from the last saved data. e) When storing data, the red LED should blink for at least half a second and should stay on when the memory is full. f) Data should be saved every 10 seconds. Your design should be able to store 12 hours worth of data. g) Pressing button A can interrupt logging mode. After button A is pressed, display a message 1 asking if the user would like to end logging mode. Set the inputs and outputs so that when ‘1’ is pressed, logging mode is continued, when ‘2’ is pressed, logging mode is aborted and display mode is activated. When ‘3’ is pressed, logging mode is aborted and data transfer mode is activated. When ‘4’ is pressed, the use should be able to set the time. The green LED should light up when in display mode. The yellow LED should otherwise light up when in data transfer mode. No LED should light up when setting the time. h) When in display mode, the user can browse through the data stored by pressing buttons ‘1’, ‘4’, ‘6’ and ‘8’. When buttons ‘1’ and ‘4’ are pressed, the previous set of data is displayed. When buttons ‘6’ and ‘8’ are pressed, the next set of data is displayed. Note that the temperature should be displayed with the time when the temperature was logged. i) Pressing button A can interrupt display mode. Again, a message is displayed asking for a user choice as in (g). j) When in data transfer mode, the user has to connect the node to the serial port/usb port of the computer using a cable. Communication is then negotiated when button B is pressed and data is transferred to the PC. You can use the PC’s hyperterminal application for communication. Note that you need to format the output to the PC so that it is readily readable by the terminal. k) Data can be erased by pressing button C for more than 5 seconds. After the 5 second timer expires, a message is displayed to confirm the erase command. Button C should then be pressed again to complete the process. A message is again displayed to show the user that erase is successful. Button A should then be pressed again to resume data logging mode. l) Your MP will not be checked if you violated any of the project constraints. Project Grading: • • • • Groups who are able to submit documentation with working demo of the 100% during the preliminary checking will get a 5% bonus. Each milestone will be checked. Your MP will not be checked if you violated any of the project constraints. Bugs or errors encountered during checking will be given 5% deductions each. 2 ...
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