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Bipolar Transistor Differential Amplifier Circuits E B C 2N3904 NPN Front View
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EEE 52 Laboratory-6 Bipolar Transistor Differential Amplifier I. Objectives: a. To measure the gain from the inverting and non-inverting input of the amplifier. b. To measure the common mode gain of the amplifier. c. To calculate the common mode rejection ratio of the amplifier d. To observe the distortion and clipping behavior of the differential amplifier. e. To observe and measure the slew rate limit of the amplifier with a capacitor load. II. Equipment and Materials 1- Oscilloscope 1 –Adjustable DC power Supply 1- Function generator 1 – prototyping board 1 – hook up wire #22, clips, jumpers Resistors: 1- 220 2- 2.2K 2- 6.8K 4- 33K 3- 5K 1- 22K Capacitors: 2- 10ufd/ 25V 1- 0.0033ufd 2 – 0.1 ufd Transistors: 3 - 2N3904 III. Procedure A. Differential Amplifier with Emitter Resistor: 1. Setup: Wire the Differential amplifier with emitter source resistor. (Arrange the circuit so there is space for the third transistor of the next circuit later on. See the circuit “Differential Amplifier with Constant Current Source.) Ground node V2. Connect the signal generator to the signal attenuator. Connect Vs to input V1. Keep the signal generator off.
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eee52_lab6_bjt_differential_amplifier - Bipolar Transistor...

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