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ECE153_extra_work - Rising water levels Seat availability...

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ECE 153 Extra Work The following is a list of the problems the class identified at the start of the semester -Announcement dissemination (e.g. disaster, events, etc) -Automated Attendance checking -Corruption in the government -Delayed flights -Disaster early warning system (pick one) -Global warming -Health care (diagnosis and maintenance) -Home burglary -Inter-island transport of goods -Lack of internet connectivity in remote areas -Language barrier -Long lines in public transportation -Public Transportation seat availability
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Unformatted text preview: - Rising water levels- Seat availability in restaurants/canteen- Shipwrecked travelers- Smuggling of goods- Theft of items- Traffic monitoring- Waste segregation formulate a LOGICAL and seemingly FEASIBLE solution. The solution does not necessarily eliminate the whole problem, but may aim to address a specific subproblem. Maximum of 5 pages. Longer is not necessarily better. 1 st semester 2011-2012 Pick 5 items of the list and use topics discussed in class (including reporting) to...
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