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3 tv Kac-lG(r< L- PWS OF $ draqg".{ ryqfy , g fi ",r .a, {7 r ,'fr F., is fr ,rfrtfr,Fe rn /^x A dra lvi/ /? ir4 k foro,{tu (,{ ftng) a Cn4nr€-g ctq 4he f+ r's ,rk trol ed /io1 ( ar, 4,s 7 tJ ^): d s/,"# if dnnf l;aQ (1, 2, 3,4): d C-*'aq (*,!) "f) = c C;aq (r,ct o ) : d nO ,V T\ Ir! q e, \.'t'\i r t * O - o"d* 1-, =U tl o a i { o oo oo 30 oq f-I-c t lof,- lco Loc f P- o1 L o Ll [c c o1 I o c ; I L c c ") tL oo lc CI o L o o l- f l, o c I [3lrr] (*r r) sL,og t '1 , o 4) dtog {4 J,t) : I I -:/ t 3x s) N
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TAe sz{ "rJ & aL' a fl ona t is etoszt/ Ltnola'Y' a) a d ol; lio irt' 8) sca /att mL,{ /1; p/tca#o m- c) mola* nutl';P/;ca/;on Pn 4;1u o rt e ,/ fti a {*ices Q x Ct l'11 ph A= nxvt mft/rr"ceS fMe co Cln c{- oo to OL a f -3 ?] onh d( n\ 4rt (-/ ,r+" dl U thal A. cL1 ,t +J (A) i'* d (A)j d u=fa Ls e A (h o<-- pdy,t ti'/ i' CnU*/ -f wrTL {*T) , {r{ r o, Ll f s I,*w z A= A ,l "T/ r TJ: .7 ._. A=l-
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la_3 - L- tv Kac-lG(r&lt; 3 LrEtcfw_A&amp; PWS OF $ N...

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