la_18[1] - lW*to 4F SIA#ffifflA.r zAT"$ ffiIrv R EA...

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Unformatted text preview: lW*to 4F[ SIA #ffifflA{.r zAT"$ ffiIrv R- EA /: SY$4r^4ETrR UF r C M&T=RTCffiS A s?ue'w- rnalw y (T' / A'' A. We conk t{e* 4{',e ( X\Y) C n +frx J/.c? ca ,f-f-'freoreYn-f {r} vL. Xe+ A Bz a rea/ e{rnrnelzie matrix a) a(t e'(Spnva0rus a,ye ,teot ( ltu s meen s r hal aft "r,ools ,1 Ao (A) = o a/-e_ Wae (1 o( m6 ert s). g) eifunveciozs corye&pond;rg to c&slt,e{ eigenva'f'ues ux? oz{f*%"n^l . "(TP;s rneans thaj rf pt cozz-espon/slonL Ancl P, oozTtsponots 1o 2s , ano{ nt t nz,-lf,*n (P"/P.) : o) rwo { q cnq) Xn1, Vs + 2e S; €i"ote"t/'61-kt€S A cs ce/{e,/ sffwme{vie. Lrr lvex, Pwdue{ Y € M nvc) Yna 1'vt'c"e{r $& @.h eland Y (X, a,ff nl(r a{,.en tt(p"lp")= (nqln}a = e:ATp*: pooApe = pr*)" gne{ 2-{ I ),, t{rp efL(6t-&'* i^pU es ffrl %) 2 O c07 resP o *{,'^ ff h (npj Ip"): (A &)". P* = 9"(Prl/r")! 2t ( Pe lBl : 2r PJ arrl E O- l& - (P, IP") r ---\ W A sy{r6Lr-a eYtfuffona L wa{zt u G- is = f/ ff,ry t{ G- A: €c(Fee{ J- [s ( nv*Er{,"{te* (l^ oltun wpzils, ( e anl (I?--r' = Qr. ) TfreoW rn A s q,u ay_e ynal U x 62 = t is or-{ f*gcnaf t{/ tk eo&-t,'nns N"z- tf,n ozl{rrrozma! taws /o, F"ro+ tQ._ { &', lvl Q- 2 \\. Qe) nvl ff*,f / A'l A c's e7 c t lf'og L'\ ry l$:; 1 le*r l nno{ 1=7 Q-'' :J t=) (=> (.G*e 1:> ( e.L f QJ' -: {tu I J , ,{-l I o , ;{ )iJ &j) : {r, {*, e'vu;{ ir i {-+ \ L: l" I L+ | v m is a vea/ Sl^yne{ru', ma{zir [email protected];z agle a rl /tu,'a oz{flr-Wna{ ma{rax A e--o A e- cs ota^a 7, no / T'f*02?...
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This note was uploaded on 03/22/2012 for the course ECON 106 taught by Professor Kücüksenel during the Spring '12 term at Middle East Technical University.

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la_18[1] - lW*to 4F SIA#ffifflA.r zAT"$ ffiIrv R EA...

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