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Econ202_Ass1 - (using MS Excel Then write at least a ½...

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METU Department of Economics Econ 202-Macroeconomic Theory Spring 2011 March 7, 2011 Assignment I Due date: March 15, 2011; Class time Read Chapter 1 of Blanchard (5th ed., 2009) and examine Table 1.1 (page 26) that illustrates the growth, unemployment and inflation rates in the USA since 1970, Table 1.2 (page 30) that shows the growth, unemployment and inflation rates in five major European Union countries, and Table 1.3 (page 35) that shows the growth and inflation rates in China since 1980. Constuct a similar table as Table 1.1 for the Turkish economy, including the real GDP, growth of real GDP, unemployment, labor participation (for female and male separetly) and inflation rates for the period 2003-2010, with quarterly data , and graph these data separately
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Unformatted text preview: (using MS Excel). Then, write at least a ½ A4-page commentary to compare and contrast the Turkish macroeconomic variables over the 2003-2010 period. While writing your commentary, make sure you include in how you calculate the growth rates for GDP. You may also consider the structural transformation that’s taking place in Turkish economy, in terms of sectoral employment and output changes ( Hint : to do so, examine the sectoral employment and sectoral output share changes over time in the Turkish economy, based on what we have seen in class). Please provide a hard-copy of your homework at due time . E-mails and uploads will not be accepted. You are not allowed to work in groups fort his assignment....
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