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BADM 318 case study chapter 3 - they faced the similar...

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BADM 318-01 CASE STUDY CHAPTER 3 Dengyu Wu Answer 1: What Ms. Baresak correct is she found the problem that the company had and told Mr. Frankson what should do to solve the problem. What Mr. Frankson correct is he planned to work with his team to provide them with the direction they needed. Answer 2: If I were Ms. Baresak, I would find more evidence from his company to show his idea does not work and give him some information about what other companies did when
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Unformatted text preview: they faced the similar situation. Answer 3: Company should do more marketing research to acquire latest information so that the company can upgrade its production. Answer 4: Company should establish clear authority for different positions; build working relationship of different positions and reduce the workload of functional department managers if needed....
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