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BADM318-01 Dengyu Wu Chapter 10 Case Study: Joe Samuel Questions 1. How do you think Joe will feel six weeks after the project is underway? I think Joe will feel pleased after six weeks of the project. First of all, he has enough experience of working on a marketing project at Gin Tech (worked four times for this firm in last 14 months) and experiences working on a supply chain service, he is a kind of expert in this field; he can make perfect decision for this project. Also, he tries to delegate in order to avoid being a babysitter. He clarified what is to be delegated, make the delegation correctly and monitor performance. All of these can increase his comfort level and opportunities for success. He doesn't have to care about everything for the project, free himself to do other
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Unformatted text preview: tasks. When he finds everything can go very well without his conducting, he will feel happy and satisfied. 2. Compare his new approach to project management with his previous approach. Compare to his previous approach, he delegates a lot of work to his team members. He doesn’t have to always check on progress, worry about his team members’ assignments. What he does is make sure his team members have abilities to accomplish the goal. He makes specific tasks for each member and trusts them instead of paying attention to every step and being a babysitter. Now, by using his new approach, he has enough time to do other task and feel pleased....
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