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BADM318 case study chapter 12 - long ago that was not the...

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BADM318-01 Dengyu Wu Chapter 12 Case Study: St. Dismas Assisted Living Facility Questions 1. What do you think the construction project manager should have done when the Director of Security stopped attending the project meetings? Tracked him down and explained that absence was not an option. Elevating it to Fred if the director of Security is still absent for another week. Frank has to figure out how to get coverage – that is why he is the director of security. Also, as the construction project manager, he needs to contact the Director of Security to ask for his problems. Try to make a connection with him and communicate with him to resolve the problems that they meet. He needs to overcome the uncomfortable that make security decision without an expert. 2. Do you think it is an effective communications tool to send the construction project meeting minutes to the Assisted Living Facility steering team and the president? Support your answer. It is necessary, but only effective if people react to it – Kyle should have realized
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Unformatted text preview: long ago, that was not the case and followed up verbally. He needs to do more to keep track with project, not just hold meetings without any actions. 3. How much time has to be made up for the original, baseline schedule to be met? 14 days 4. Develop an action plan and draw a Gantt chart for the Parking Lot phase of the project as originally planned by Kyle. Answer Fred's questions. The parking lot plans were not in the original plans because Kyle thought they would not impact the overall completion date If the approval does not come through until May 1, then the completion will be delayed to June 12. We can afford to wait until May 4. 5. What information does Fred need to make a decision about building a hair salon? Fred needs to make decisions with the potential income; also, he needs to know what it will cost to change the plans to accommodate it and how it will affect the schedule....
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BADM318 case study chapter 12 - long ago that was not the...

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