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BADM318 - Planner Calendar and Email They totally require...

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BADM318-01 Dengyu Wu (Larry) Case Study Chapter 1 Question1: First of all. Company has 10000 hours for developing and the six projects require a total 13025 development hours. So, we need to postpone one or more projects. And we can see the Calendar and Email program requires 1250 hours and the Web browser requires 1875. Totally costs 3125. If we postpone these two projects. We are available for the rest projects which involve the Spreadsheet project, the Expense Report project, the Trip Planner and the Portfolio Tracker. Question 2: depending on the question, Handstar should pursue Browser, Trip
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Unformatted text preview: Planner, Calendar and Email. They totally require 9375 hours. The company could add the Expense Report project. Totally 9775 hours. Question 3: since selecting the Browser, Trip Planner, Calendar and Email and Expense Report, 225 hours are available. Hiring an additional software engineer increases 2500 hours. The Spreadsheet program requires 2500 hours and the value of Spreadsheet program are much higher than the cost of a software engineer. So it is justified to hire an additional software engineer....
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