BADM318chapter 6 - as the method of building the fire station First of all Gantt chart focuses primarily on schedule management And it is easy to

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BADM318-01 Dengyu Wu Chapter 6 Case Study: Springville Question: 1. If you were the project manager, which method would you use, and why? Gantt chart is used for illustrating schedules; CPM chart stands for critical path methods, uses estimates to allow time/cost trade-offs to be used; PERT chart is an acronym that stands for program evaluation and review technique. In the case, the criterion involve easy to use, shows durations of tasks, shows milestones, can see the flow of work, can see the sequence of events, can depict which tasks can be undertaken at the same time, and can tell how far tasks are from completion. However, if I were the project manager, I would use Gantt chart
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Unformatted text preview: as the method of building the fire station. First of all, Gantt chart focuses primarily on schedule management. And it is easy to use and understand. Gantt chart is intuitive that the task schedule, and demonstrates the comparison of the actual progress with the original plan. Managers also can conveniently figure out what remains need to be done and assess if the work is ahead of or lagging behind. Furthermore, the chart shows the planned and actual completion of activities throughout the period. In short, Gantt chart can satisfy the requirements of the city manager, the chief and the project manager....
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