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This case gives us a positive and successful perspective for joint venture. Before the joint venture, CIBC was one of the big five Schedule banks in Canada with approximately 14 competitors. However, CIBC Mellon, which is committed to delivering superior client service, has become the Best Sub-Custodian in Canada for the fifth consecutive year. CIBC Mellon Global Securities Services Company ranks first in Canadian sub-custody according to leading and cross-border clients and is "Top-Rated" by domestic clients in Global Custodian magazine's 2010 Agent Banks in Major Markets Survey. Because of joint venture, CIBC Mellon becomes “Top- Rated” in both cross-border and domestic. From this case, we can see a proper strategic plan can survive a company and
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Unformatted text preview: even provides success for a company. When a company faces the crisis, figuring out what problems exists and paying attention to the proper design is a kind of way to help the company to overcome difficulties. When CIBC faced crisis in 1996, there were three choices for them, however, instead of investing again, they chose to form a joint venture, fortunately, they found the right partner; and after 10 years, the choice they picked seems perfect. Joint venture is not omnipotent in all business; it’s just one of suitable choices for the company which has long-term stability. For strategic management, we need to find out the solution what company really needs and fits. Not every company can use same strategic methods....
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