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Forum 1 comment What Mintzberg main point in his article is that he summarizes the strategic planning that strategy is not to plan because plan is analyzed, and the strategy is integrated. At the beginning of the article, he emphasized that strategic planning is not strategic thinking. In addition, I agree with his point that the most successful strategies are visions, not plans. Plans are the goals that manager have to accomplish through different ways. However, visions show a manager’s ambition and motivation. A company has a vision can be forced to work toward it. “Planners should make their contribution around the strategy-making process rather than inside it”, Mintzberg indicates it to explain what is the actual strategic planning. The key to understand planning is embedded in the process of formalization according to planners. Here, planners play important roles in the strategy. Planners aid and
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Unformatted text preview: encourage managers to think strategically in order to be programmers of a strategy to carry out the vision. In the article, he also talks about the planning, plans and planners. He gives a lot of examples to describe the new role of them. He indicates them separately and shows their functions in the strategy so that give us a sense how they work. Finally, Mintzberg says the differences between left and right handed planners. They have different kind of planning function. One is an analytic thinker, who is closer to the conventional image of the planner and the other one is creative thinker who seeks to open up the strategy-making process. In conclusion, strategy-making rely on the plans, planners and planning, it's not an isolated process. Like what the author said: “the story of strategic planning has told us something about how we think as human beings, and that we sometimes stop thinking”....
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