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CMNS 105 / 305 Fall 2011 Quiz 2 Study Guide Quiz 2 for CMNS 105 and CMNS 305 will be on Monday, November 7 th . You will be tested on Chapters 4 to 6. The following is a list of the topics you should focus on: Chapter 4 Five elements of the listening process Barriers to effective listening Ways to improve listening skills Improving your responding skills Chapter 5 How words work. Word barriers and how to manage them Using words to establish supportive relationships
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Unformatted text preview: Assertive language vs aggressive language Chapter 6 Reasons to study non-verbal communication Challenges in understanding non-verbal messages Describe the 5 categories of movement and gestures Eye contact Spatial zones Gender differences and non-verbal communication How to check your perceptions of others’ non-verbal cues Also: • All Aspects of Business Etiquette as discussed in class and shown in video....
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