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ESLF080-02 RESEARCH PAPER REMINDERS #1 – Take a good look at your thesis statement.  Does is clearly state the intention of your  paper?  See page 46 of your textbook. Does it:  State the topic and focus – does it answer your research question? Does it give an overview of your supporting points – logically connected to your focus? Does it give enough information but not too much detail? Does it use correct grammar and precise vocabulary? #2 – Be sure to use paraphrasing more often than direct quotes.  See page 80 in your textbook. #3 – Remember to integrate your evidence (paraphrase or quote) correctly.  See page 84 in your 
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Unformatted text preview: textbook. Topic sentence Connecting explanation Evidence Connecting explanation Concluding sentence #4 Be sure to define terms. For example, if your paper is on public transportation , provide a definition. This would appear in the introduction. If you introduce a new term in the body of your research paper, remember to define it in that paragraph. #5 If your paper includes advantages / disadvantages and it is organized in block form, be sure to use a transition paragraph. #5 -...
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ESLF080_Research_paper_reminders - textbook. Topic sentence...

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