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1_17_08 - listening even if you don’t agree with them...

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1) Respect exercise 2) Think/pair/share: what does “peacemaking” mean to you? 3) Syllabus 4) Name stories Respect: A. Wait for someone else to finish speaking before I speak Keep my emotions in check: not screaming at someone when I’m frustrated Consider someone else’s feelings in your actions or words Being contentious Pay attention while someone else is speaking Don’t change topic, don’t put someone down and let someone know you’re
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Unformatted text preview: listening even if you don’t agree with them Golden rule: treat others the way you want to be treated B. Have people listen to my perspective before passing judgments To not be yelled at Ask before taking my things Give feedback not criticism Be empathetic R espect U nderstanding L isten E mpathy S afety Reading for Tuesday: Just War 5-13 Jesus and Nonviolence Ch1...
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