hi - ; 4 -the final will be moodle based, and administered...

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hi 1  - fixed a problem with file mounting; dr. isber's ppt can now be viewed through moodle ; 2  - mounted quickies for the material in question ; 3  - one person read my previous post: of course calculators are allowed . in addition, i will have an abacus on site, for those who cannot book their grandmothers for the job . cheers, jihad hi 1  - Slides of Lectures delivered by Dr Isber are now mounted ; 2  - Dr Isber explained that he covered: a-evolution of low mass stars; b- evolution of high mass stars up to supernovae, excluding discussion of neutron   stars/black holes .   3  - You will be examined on material covered by Dr Isber along with material on gravity, light, and the nature of stars
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Unformatted text preview: ; 4 -the final will be moodle based, and administered on the official date of your final in the now familiar FEA labs (instead of the listed chem 100 ;( 5 -no calculators, cell, or paracellular phones, allowed . jihad folks , concerning the final : you will be tested on material in chapters: 4, 5, 17 and material that concerns the birth, evolution and death of stars to the extent covered by Dr. Isber (i will base my questions on his presentations; you can exercise yourselves on problems in Chapters 18-19 in our book .( cheers, jihad...
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