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STAT 501 Assignment 2 Some general instructions: All datasets are found on the CD that comes with the text. The names of the datasets are listed with the exercise in the book. You should never have to be retyping data into SAS! A reminder that at no time will output from other programs (such as excel or SPSS) be acceptable. We will be using SAS exclusively for all graphs, etc, from now on! Review the code provided in “SAS start” and “Plot”. Read Chapter 1 if necessary. Do the following exercises from the book using SAS: Section 1 problems: 1.26 (make another bar graph sorting the bars in descending order, this is called a Pareto chart, the SAS option to sort a bar graph is descending ) 1.30 1.38 1.41 (for part b, make side-by-side boxplots instead of stemplots)
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Unformatted text preview: 1.42 (use a histogram) 1.46 Do the following extra problems using SAS: • 1.82 –First answer the questions in the book but do not make a stemplot for part c, instead: d) Make a histogram of the distribution of the GPA measurements and draw a normal curve through it. Describe the shape and outliers. e) Make a QQplot for the GPA measurements. Do the values appear to be normally distributed? Do these problems (probably by hand, no SAS): • Section 3 problems: 1.119, 1.126, 1.128, 1.131, 1.142, 1.143, 1.151 Remember : ONLY include output that is relevant to this assignment, and it should be included in a logical order within its associated problem....
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