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“Warning: Theologians at Work!” Gustavo Gutierrez Death dealing poverty – children dying young or born dead God gives you gift of love and can end death dealing poverty; theology is a commitment, alternative ways of responding to violence and who is god in this respect? 3 ways of responding to violence: people across diverse religions perspectives 1. Historical Jesus – biblical scholars say Jesus spoke/advocated/lived in a way that demands love of enemies Mathew 5, Luke good samaritan story – 2 priests walk by and ignore man on the side of the rode because they would be dirty on Sabbath if they touched him, samaritan (not pure, none Jewish, enemy in that time, practice love of neighbor) helps the man; Jesus’ & early followers’ practice of love means absolute duty not to injury any human being; change in 4 th and 5 th century, Constantine converts to Christianity, Roman empire makes Christ. the religion of the empire, previously was an underground religion, killed for following Christ. when there are many different Gods,
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