review - You have the full class period to complete this...

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Unformatted text preview: You have the full class period to complete this exam. Take your time, and read each question carefully. If there is more than one answer that seems correct please select the best answer. If you have any (non-content related) questions, please feel free to raise your hand, and I will come answer them. Please answer the essay questions using complete sentences. Each multiple choice questions is worth 1 point (40 questions) Each short answer is worth 2 points (20 questions) Each essay is worth 10 points (2 questions) Total = 100 points 1. Which is an example of two products that generally compete with head-to-head positioning? \/ Dannon and Yoplait Ford and Jaguar C. Wal-Mart and Macy's D. KFC and McDonalds 2. Imagine that you are a marketer working for a company that makes a new strawberry-flavored pancake batter in a can product. After a brief spike, sales of the new flavor have been declining steadily. Your job is to determine why the product is selling so poorly. What is some internal data that you might look at to try to determine how to solve this problem? / \ mph, OVW field 90‘19 Polk/ins f’rflrgrin‘wodwr Kid/I 'v“ - looLovm/ pm't (uél’owr " I, be ’“fnpcw'flig u/,.pg,’-(w2 Pr «0&1 176w (c ' 3. What is a product that is somewhere in between a good and a service? Why is it like a good, why is it like a service? \/ P cm .J View H: 601 0000! mam/e IVS Qifihfi'na HUM “\cfl you "CW ,3" cg'ml-‘y I vr’ifictSK ch51 - T {NW/’4’ §£1/\I'U" of h Chm-"’1 JOAI “I; .4231; 4. Which of the following‘is not a common basis for segmenting consumers? ® Physical \ B. Geographic / C. Demographic ® Behavioral (‘ Version 2 5. What is one way experiments in the lab are better than experiments in the field? What is one way they are worse? ‘BWW “W WW Mm WW w W \/h‘fil/\J"&V C0fl+10l0+ [w gufzyg )nbolwd‘ WV“)? obeys/L ham/S4 l/quhm w {XflI/th/vg, / 6. Who is the ultimateconsumer? A. The best consumer a company could find for its products / . A consumer who has very high brand loyalty 5) The person who actually uses the good or service purchased D. The person who makes the household buying decisions 7. Which ofthe following is an example of economic espionage? A. A Soviet spy steals American submarine plans and brings them back the USSR. . A Popeye's employee gets hired by KFC to try and steal the colonel’s secret recipe. [/ ‘G\ A worker steals office supplies from the supply cabinet. A company misleads shareholders about its worth. 8. Imagine you work for Burger King and have been asked to do a SWOT analysis. / ‘< Please provide one cléar bullet point per SWOT item. 5 ‘HA '. mml lo Ha} amo , w»; w may me as lV‘M'm'l haw mafia (rs/“a Weigh 6/ 6n+€lnfil) LUloiougggr '. U‘C {kayak “1' H Mn; he Jami 41m“, - , 1Lmru~lwgi WAN/l7 raw? flimflqg 5", flaw-14:6 VtOmO+£ Wain" with Worst/me war’i" Ciflbfilitg qhyl'such./.5 6 l ' . ', MUN-4' (A wanna/Was ham :1 . «um/L4". ' “MS 15V l, “t wage} m , A r ) i xl’wm‘a L“ Wit/e {MU§ [AM/0t", mom Quit ,1/7 ){mmrug’ “Amy/Hg) 9. “To contribute to human welfare by application of bio edical engineering in the research, design, manufacture, and sale of instruments or appliances that alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life." What is this an example of? it 4 [(2 foM’) 0W0“ A. Foundational goal J Mission statement C. Organizational directive D. Directed strategy Version 2 10. What is the main benefit of microfinance? A. It allows businesses to increase market share in already full marketplaces B. It allows governments to borrow funds for infrastructure improvement projects C. It allows companies to partner with government more effectively @ It allows individuals in developing countries to have access to capital to start small businesses 11. Imagine a person's actual chance of winning the HGTV Dream Home Giveaway is 1 in 1,500,000. Mark on the graph below approximately where this chance would fall, and explain whether a person would accurately estimate, over-estimate, or underestimate this probability. WEIGHT N is DECZSID \ a o 2.5 so .75 1,0 / PROEABM‘KY ; garment would, most [{1le le/ Ctl/‘EM/xf C‘l LL‘lflmnm) “l C I“ IFCH/UCH7 hawk MM 0:41.252! le/iabllll/VMY’IAQ IV‘M ‘ o as; so 0. J 12. Imagine that Tropicana decided to join with a local company overseas to start producing and selling guava juice under the Tropicana brand in the country. The companies would share control of the new enterprise. This would be an example of: K/ A. Licensing g) A jointventure . Exporting D. Directinvestment ...
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review - You have the full class period to complete this...

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