Campaigns, Elections, Participation

Campaigns, Elections, Participation - PSC 101 Campaigns,...

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Unformatted text preview: PSC 101 Campaigns, Elections, Participation Thursday, September 30, 2010 Campaigns and elections- The process looks like this o Setting the stage Legal context Times o People choose whether to enter the race o Candidates start fundraising o Formal campaigning starts o People decide whether to vote o People decide who to vote for o We elect someone Setting the stage- Two important parts of context o Legal Method of election Defining the electorate Defining the election process Financing laws o Times What have things been like lately? Scandals? Economy? Whos retiring? So?- Contexts matter because (many) politicians are strategic o LGS dont pay much attention to this- Have longer-term goal in mind, working to achieve it- Ask themselves what are my odds... o FOR THIS OFFICE o IN THIS DISTRICT o IN THIS YEAR- Election results are often more about elite decisions than anything in the electorate o People who choose not to run cant win (very often) o How Bill Clinton got to be President Methods of election- Several different types of elections in US o Plurality SMD (Single Member District) o Plurality MMD (Multi Member District) o Runoff SMD or MMD o Proportional representation o Various weirdo- All are biased (cant not be)- Other distinction: partisan vs. nonpartisan elections o Nonpartisan only means that no party labels appear on the ballot o Candidates are still usually affiliated with a party Defining the electorate- Classic question in American democracy: who can vote?...
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Campaigns, Elections, Participation - PSC 101 Campaigns,...

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