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Philosophy 205 Review - Hard Determinist- everything is...

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Philosophy 205 Review Harry Frankfurt On Bullshit Now what is truth? The Representationalist theory of truth has problems though. Donald Davidson-1996- The Folly of Trying to Define Truth- truth is one of the most elementary concepts and therefore, it is very difficult to reduce it down to an even more basic and simpler concept. Do we have free will? Nagel- Intuitive, common sense understanding of free will and acting freely. “I could have done something different in the same circumstances.”
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Unformatted text preview: Hard Determinist- everything is causally determined. We do whatever we are caused to do. Definition: An event E is causally determined if and only if E is caused by prior events and by general laws (of nature). The argument: (1). Human beings are causally determined (2). Everything happening in the natural world is causally determined (3). Human beings in particular, their thoughts and actions, are causally determined We determined this was deductively valid....
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