The Mind and Body Debate

The Mind and Body Debate - simplification Psychology can be...

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The Mind and Body Debate The Materialist: Believes the mind and brain are the same entity, also known as, the Identity Thesis (IT). The Dualist: Believes the mind and body are separate entities. Arguments in favor of the Identity Thesis: Inductive evidence (a): Correlation between mental events and brain events. Even the most precise correlation does not prove the identity of these correlated events (i.e. lunar cycles and tides). According to Nagel, in general, correlation is necessary but not sufficient for identity. Nagel’s example: the taste of chocolate=> is taste in addition to the physical process associated with eating the chocolate? Materialist/Identity Thesis is in line with major trends in science; unification, reduction, and
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Unformatted text preview: simplification. Psychology can be reduced to-> biology which can be reduced to-> chemistry which can be further reduced to-> physics. Critical question concerning reduction of mental events to physical ones, Nagel page 29-33. Thought experiment involving Mary. Mary knew everything there is to know about the process of seeing color, but she is raised in an environment that is completely black and white. What happens when she sees color for herself the first time? Arguments against dualism • How is a nonphysical soul/mind connected to a certain body? • How can a nonphysical soul/mind cause physical events? • Apparent violation of principles of conservation of matter and energy....
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