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1 Cox Jamie Cox Sara Howard HUM3321 9-21-11 An Essay That Speaks of Greasers, Homosexuals, and Green Lights Question 1: The Tale of the White Rich Straight Male and the Poor Black Lesbian Word Count: 451 The five ways that text can be analyzed are through the context, the social construction, the systems of power relationships, the social structural and social psychological perceptions and how the categories (race, gender, class, and sexuality) are simultaneously expressed (Weber 15- 22). Context calls for people to realize that the categories of race, class, gender, and sexuality are not fixed and have changed dramatically over time. Such as in the 1936 movie musical Anything Goes (Milestone 1936), an adaption of the Broadway musical of the same name, the title song includes the line, “In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on as something shocking but now, God knows, anything goes” (Milestone 1936). The ways that social expectations change over time form what is acceptable and what is not, what it is to be black and what it is to be white, what it is to be a boy and what it is to be a girl. Social Construction is the way society and the media have shaped how we view things. Society constructs a hegemonic group and subordinate group, or group A and group B, and the human brain separates people into categories based on the social construction, or ideology, that is engraved into everyone’s mindset by repetition. The system of power relationships is the system where one group has power over
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2 another group, back to the group A and group B. The group A is the majority, the power group. It is the white, upper middle class, heterosexual male, or any other group that holds power over another group. Think of Avatar (Cameron 2009), fancy stuff aside, this movie is about the balance of power between the humans and the Na’vi. At the beginning the Na’vi have what the humans want, the valuable rock, and are not giving it up, they control the relationship, but then the humans learn the weaknesses of their opponent and are able to take them down, the humans become the power holders. Power is obtained and kept through the use of exploitation of
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Essay #1 - 1 Cox Jamie Cox Sara Howard HUM3321 9-21-11 An...

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