Paper #1 - Jamie Cox Sara Howard 10-20-11 A Paper that...

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Jamie Cox Sara Howard 10-20-11 A Paper that Discusses Villains with Accents and American Heroes Part I Word Count: 510 One Man The film The Other Guys (McKay, 2010) begins how you expect any action movie to, a car chase, gunfire and a drug bust. It sets up the characters instantly and you know who is boss, Christopher Danson and P. K. Highsmith are the most bad cats in town and no one is going to mess with them. Then they jump off a building and die. And the spot of super awesome detectives is left open for anyone to take. Enter Allen Gamble (Will Ferrell) and Terry Hoitz (Mark Wahlberg). They are the other guys. In The Other Guys (McKay, 2010), through the use of stereotypes and comedic relief to a high stakes plot, McKay creates a double-protagonist film where the character of Allen and Terry represent two sides of masculinity to create one whole “man”. Allen is the intellectual and more even-tempered while Terry is physically assertive and easily angered. They are opposites, as most main characters are in double- protagonist films but they also fulfill stereotypes. Judith Andre says in her article “Stereotypes: Conceptual and Normative Considerations” (Andre 59) that “the use of ‘stereotype’ as a verb in the sense of fixing something and perpetuating it in an unchanging form can be traced back to the ninetieth century” (Andre 59). Allen is your high school nerd that never grew up, still easily intimidated and persuaded by his
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2 “classmates”, co-workers. When told that a “desk pop” was something everyone did he believed them and used his pistol inside the building, thus losing the use of his gun. Mark Wahlberg’s character, Terry is the overly masculine angry man and he fits into that stereotype. The film uses comedic elements to take away from the dramatic plot. In a dramatic movie there would be a lot more focus on the plot where a (stereotypical) villain with an accent in trying to steal a large some of money from the police station and there
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Paper #1 - Jamie Cox Sara Howard 10-20-11 A Paper that...

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