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Melissa Walters Melissa Walters Van Vleck HI 209-002 John Locke On Resistance John Locke’s treatises have long influenced the foundations of American and British democracy. Locke provided the ideology behind important documents such as the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence. He was also responsible for influencing the writings of Montesquieu and consequently the French Enlightenment. In his 1667 work an Essay Concerning Toleration , this argued for increased toleration and the coexistence of different religious groups throughout England. Later, during the reign of Charles II Locke wrote his Two Treatises on Government , which recapitulated his main principles on the role of government in peoples’ lives. Locke asserted that governments were set in place by the consent of the governed and for their benefit alone. He also depicted man as deriving from a tranquil society that made man companionable. In his Second Treatise on Government , Locke theorizes on the acceptability of resistance against a government. In this treatise Locke discusses the practices by governments, which gives a community
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John Locke draft - Melissa Walters Melissa Walters Van...

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