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Mary Wollstonecraft draft - Melissa Walters Melissa Walters...

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Melissa Walters Melissa Walters HI 209-002 Van Vleck Mary Wollstonecraft A False System of Education Mary Wollstonecraft hailed from 18th century England, long before the emergence of the feminist movement. She was considered largely controversial in her time for her ideologies, the people she surrounded herself with, as well as her love life, which was unconventional for the times. She made friends with radical thinkers of the time and followed considerably unconventional dogmas that destroyed her reputation. Wollstonecraft went on to write several books both fiction and nonfiction during her time. Among the most influential of her writings and the topic of this entry was A Vindication of the Rights of Women . It was published in 1792 and while it was intended to be revolutionary in its suggestions, it blemished her already controversial social position. “A False System of Education” seeks to argue that both men and women were intellectual equals. Also, current social norms and culture did not allow women to appear more than just feeble, frivolous, and vain members of society, was another topic outlined in her essay. She outwardly attacks the gender
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Mary Wollstonecraft draft - Melissa Walters Melissa Walters...

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