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Chemical Engineering 150A February 29, 2008 Midterm #1 (155) 1. In the system below, a free liquid jet flows downwards at a known volumetric flow rate Q o against a suspended inverted solid cone of mass m , as shown in Figure 1. A suspending force F o is applied to the cone to keep it stationary, as illustrated. The liquid deflects around the cone (dimensions are given) with a local x -velocity profile given by 2 2 1 x y v ( y ) a [ ] δ μ = - ÷ where δ is the thickness of the fluid layer, μ is viscosity of the liquid, and 2 a g cos / ρ β = ( ρ is the liquid density and g is the acceleration of gravity). Figure 1. A Free Liquid Jet Impinging on a Suspended Inverted Cone 1 x y s Q o δ( x) p atm p atm p atm m h R F o
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Chemical Engineering 150A Midterm #1 continued (40) a. Since the circumference of the cone increasing as the fluid travels along its length s , the the liquid film occupies larger cross sectional areas. Hence the film thickness δ decreases
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cheme150A-sp08-mt1-Radke-soln - Chemical Engineering 150A...

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