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Water Bottle Rocket Construction Suggestions/Limits Main Body (Bottle) Un-altered 2-liter bottle. Do not glue anything to the main bottle. The use of pure silicone is the only allowable exception and it may not stick to the plastic bottle. Nose Cone (suggested) Cut top from a second 2-liter bottle leaving 1/2 inch of the straight side of the bottle (see sketch). Cut off neck as shown. Use electrical or duct tape (several strips in different directions) to cover the neck hole. Nose cones must be the same diameter as the main bottle to work properly on the launcher. Weight for under nose cone The rocket will fly straighter if a weight is attached to the end of the main bottle (under the nose cone). One easy way to add weight is to duct tape 1 or 2 large washers to the end of the bottle. The nose cone then slips over the end of the main bottle. Several small pieces of tape can secure the nose cone to the main bottle. Fins – 3 or 4 fins, no circular (ring) fins.
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