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TJX Companies - second layer of security software even...

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Running head: TJX COMPANIES 1 TJX Companies Deanna Darrett IT/205 February 17, 2012 Florence Duvall
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TJX COMPANIES 2 TJX Companies The 40 million credits and debit cards numbers stolen from TJX could have been prevented if the company had the right security and controls in place. The only security TJX was using was the old Wired Equivalent Privacy, which is also known as (WEP). This is a system that makes it very easy for hackers to get through and obtain all of the information that they need. They did not think to upgrade to a more secure system like other companies such as the Wi-Fi Protected Access, the WPA has a more standard and more complex system for encryption. In order to make sure their systems were safe they should have also installed firewalls and data encryption, this would have protected all computers in TJX that were using a wireless network. Another huge mistake that TJX made was by not installing a
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Unformatted text preview: second layer of security software, even though they had purchased it. It seems it just was not a priority and the company had to learn the hard way about all of the many security mistakes they made. “TJX has already spent 202 million to cover the cost of the data theft, and legal settlements” (Laudon and Laudon, 2011.) Over the next few years they will end up spending close to one billion to cover costs for security upgrades, attorney fees, consultants, and additional marketing to support customers. In this situation the moral dimensions that may be applied would be accountability and control, and system quality. By following the morals of system quality it will demand that all information is protected at all times. If there was any harm done then the moral of accountability and control would make sure that someone is held accountable for any harmful actions. TJX COMPANIES 3...
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TJX Companies - second layer of security software even...

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