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Unformatted text preview: Homework #3 Solutions 1. Zero. 2. Eg=1.12 eV 3. Yes. In chemistry terms, bonds are broken, and then also re‐form from free electrons. 4. Thinking about it as a particle is more of a classical view. In this view, it stops and travels back where it came from, since it generally does not have enough energy to escape from the crystal. 5. a. Energy=1.24/λ or λ=1.24/Energy, where λ is in microns and energy is in eV. For E2 to E1, the energy is ¾ (13.6 eV) or 10.2 eV, or λ=0.122 microns or 122 nm. (Ultraviolet) b. For E4 to E3, the energy is 13.6/9‐13.6/16=0.661eV or λ=1.88 microns (Infrared). 6. Balmer 7. a. No electronic states to go to. b. Not many electrons in the conduction band (relative to the number in the valence band). 8. The material on the right has a lower me* (more curvature at EC). The material on the left has a lower mh* (more curvature at EV). 22. 23. ...
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