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ECE G201 H.W. #8, Due March 31, 2009 1. (4) S3.1 2. (3) What is the required dose for the same question if the oxide thickness is 1 nm? 3. (16) S3.2 4. (20) Using the example worked in class, (to=1.5 nm, N A =3x10 17 , p+ gate doped at 3x10 19 ): a. Compare the threshold for n+ and p+ gates doped at 3x10 19 . b. Same but for a PMOS transistor with the same doping levels. c. What is the influence on the threshold voltage of fixed charge at the levels of 1x10 10 , 1x10 11 , and 1x10 12 q/cm 2 ? (This roughly spans the range from the minimum to the maximum expected value of fixed
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Unformatted text preview: charge for different processes.) d. Ignoring the effect of charge, what implant doses would be required to achieve +/- 0.3V thresholds for the NMOS and PMOS transistors (4 transistors, 2 NMOS, 2 PMOS, from above.) (Note that it is desirable to keep the threshold adjustment implant as small as possible, but generally less than about 1x10 13 cm-2.) 5. (6) 7.2 (Note that metal gates are back!!) 6. (8) 7.4 7. (4) 7.9 8. (8) 7.10...
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