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hw81103 - linewidth 13 What LED technlology is used...

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EECE 7201 H.W. #8 1. 11.2, text. 2. Repeat 1 with the same wavelengths, but for silicon. 3. 11.7, text. Note that you will have to find the maximum power point by trial and error. The line is not necessarly the correct one for maximum power. 4. 11.8, text. 5. 11.9, text. 6. 11.10 7. 11.13 8. 11.15 9. 11.18 10. 11.19, qualitative question 11. Explain why the spontaneous emission of light DECREASES in a laser above threshold. 12. Explain why the spectral lines emitted from the laser are much narrower than the LED emission
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Unformatted text preview: linewidth. 13. What LED technlology is used for "white" LEDs. (See notes.) More than one technology is possible. 14. Explain the "flatband" condition for an MOS transistor. Does a voltage have to be applied to reach the flatband condition? Is the voltage positive or negative or does it depends on how the transistor is built?...
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