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Unformatted text preview: Water Cycle Rivers, Streams, & Groundwater Fresh Water is 3% Horseshoe Falls erosion rate before 1905 diversion 1.5 m/yr; now it is 0.7 m/yr Brazzaville Stanley Pool Kinshasa Odzala Forest deep in the Republic of Congo Zambezi River Victoria Falls 1 mile long 300 foot drop Ganges Delta - Sundarbans Runoff In contrast to braided rivers, meandering rivers typically only contain one channel that winds its way across the floodplain. As it flows, it deposits sediment on banks that lie on the insides of curves (point bar deposits), and erode the banks on the outside of curves. Braided Rivers exhibit numerous channels that split off and rejoin each other to give a braided appearance. They typically carry fairly coarsegrained sediment down a fairly steep gradient. Additionally, the water discharge tends to be highly variable. Consequently, braided rivers usually exist near mountainous regions, especially those with glaciers. How does discharge vary - seasonally, yearly, decadally? •Episodic Event Driven Rivers •Huge Variability in Annual Rainfall •May affect the river signal in beach sands Streamflow data from San Luis Rey River Gauge station near Bonsall. Streamflow data from Santa Margarita River near Temecula. ...
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