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Collection Instructions 2010 - 1Anthro 160 Forms of...

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1Anthro 160 – Forms of Folklore JoAnn Conrad Spring 2010 Instructions for Folklore Collection Assignments This is a collection of 25 individual items of folklore. The material collected should consist of any of the genres of Folklore discussed throughout the course – Folk speech, riddle, superstition, folk metaphor, gesture, charms, proverb, naming, curses, toasts, slurs, folk narrative, etc., as well as material culture that fall under the “folklore” umbrella. You will be responsible for collecting, recording, properly identifying (what genre) and analyzing. Folklore research is fundamentally an ethnographic/documentary endeavor. For this reason, you will create a written document for each item of folklore you collect that must include the following descriptive and analytic elements: A. Description of Item: In this section you will document the item of folklore itself. If it is a verbal behavior (e.g., a joke, narrative, riddle, etc.) you should try to write it down word for word, exactly as you heard it. If the item is an object or visual design (e.g., hand-carved cane, a tattoo, a special dorm room decoration, etc.) then you should describe the item or set of items in detail (you may also provide illustrations and photographs). If the item is a performative behavior (e.g., a rite, ritual, gesture, etc.) then you need to give a detailed description of the related actions and movements, and here, also, photos are handy. Try to clearly illustrate both what the item is (Text, Object or Action) and how it is presented (Texture or Style). B. Context: In this section you will provide a written description of the context in which the behavior was observed. Ideally, you will collect folklore in the situation where it occurs “naturally”. In other words, listen, watch and then spring into
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Collection Instructions 2010 - 1Anthro 160 Forms of...

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